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Foam PE Insulation
Ören Kablo is using the ROSENDAHL physical foaming line for its coaxial cables production. This line is producing the insulation in Skin / Foam / Skin construction. A low density polyethylene is applied over the conductor as the first layer of insulation. This layer has a thickness of approximately 0.02mm.

T his first layer is bonded over the conductor with the help of the pre heating unit. The bonded layer avoids any possible water leakage into the cable. The water leakage in to the cable would cause humidity between the insulation and the conductor.


As a result of this humidity, the inner conductor would get oxidized in time. Oxidation on the inner conductor will cause the cable to fail in transmitting the data eventually, and the cable would be required to be replaced. The insulations are being bonded over the conductor for all the coaxial cables that are being manufactured by Ören Kablo The gas injected physically foamed polyethylene is the second layer of the insulation. The physical foaming technology allows us to achieve high foaming degrees on coaxial cables such as 70% foaming. The construction of the foaming is also homogenous with physical foaming. As a result of homogenous foaming construction, the impedance graph gets much more stable.

The coaxial cables that are being manufactured by Ören Kablo have physical foaming insulations. The third and last layer over the insulation is high density polyethylene. The wall thickness of this layer is approximately 0.02 mm. The physically foamed coaxial insulations have very high foaming ratios. As a result of high foaming ratio, the insulation gets spongy. This third layer is applied over the second layer in order to protect the sensitive and spongy insulation beneath it from outer effects. This layer also helps to avoid the insulation to get oval during the production. The spongy foamed insulation will be lack of protection, if the third layer is not applied over the insulation.

It would cause the insulation get oval, therefore; the impedance of the cable would be unstable. The attenuations would be higher on the cable. Any kind of abuse during the installation of the cable would cause peak points on the signal graph of the cable. In order to avoid instability of the impedance and the insulation get oval; the outer skin layer must be applied over the insulation. The coaxial cables that are being manufactured by Ören Kablo have the outer skin layer. In summary, In order to avoid all the negative effects over the insulation, it is required to use a Skin / Foam / Skin construction physical foaming line.



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