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Established in 1979 with the unveiling of the first ever co-axial cable production plant in Turkey, Oren Kablo has grown through the decades by progressively focusing on the research, development and therefore introduction of new cutting edge cables to keep us right at the forefront of today’s ever-evolving technology.

For Oren, the first decade of the new millennium has brought with it, the building of a state of the art 6000square metre production plant, located at Silviri Ortakoy, Istanbul. This has allowed the opportunity for a fabulous expansion in both the range and options within each range of cables that we produce. Below are some examples from the vast range we offer:


-       Coaxial cables for HTDV studios.
-       Coaxial cables for CATV and SMATV applications.
-       Coaxial cables for CCTV applications.
-       Indoor Telephone cables.
-       Control cables.
-       Fire and alarm cables.
-       Low Voltage Power Cables
All the cable ranges can be offered in halogen free, low smoke intensity and flame retardant versions.

Oren’s branded Rosendhal Physical Foamed polyethylene extruder gas injection skin/foam/skin, fulfils 70% of Turkey’s digital broadcasting cable supply, and this alone demonstrates how our continuing attention and focus, allows us to be at the leading edge of our sector, as this was made possible through our transformation in early 2004 to producing Foam PE Coaxial cables.  

With an annual braiding capacity of 58 million metres of cable, Oren Kablo consistently fulfils short-lead times in the delivery and distribution of our products, making us first choice for customers as far reaching as the UK, Switzerland and Germany.

Please find in our product catalogue, detailed technological information at your disposal, to allow you to make the right choice of cable to meet your needs. Our comprehensive Quality Control Laboratory with our highly trained and experienced engineering team is fully equipped and available at your disposal to advise and provide any bespoke requirements you may have.

All Oren Kablo’s production runs under ISO 9001-2000 quality assurance standards, and our aims and objectives for the future, is to continue to serve our customer with superior standard products of exceptional quality, whilst still maintaining a strong focus on delivering excellent customer service. We firmly believe by keeping our focus on and moving with today’s ever changing technology, we shall continue to deliver this, for decades to come.

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